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BASF is at the global market for more than 150 years, bringing chemical solutions to several sectors. At the Agriculture segment, we provide solutions that support the farmers in the biggest job on earth by a wide portfolio of fungicides, insecticides, seeds treatment, besides smart solutions in urban pests control. We want to go beyond crop protection, searching for innovative and sustainable solutions, wich are aligned with farmer's necessities and assure a larger productivity!


ACE is a complete ecosystem for the high impact entrepreneur, which count on solutions for each maturity steps of the Startup. Since 2012, when it was founded as Aceleratech, they had accelerated more than 70 startups and was awarded as the Best Startup Accelerator of Brazil and Latin America. Today, counts on two acceleration programs; ACE Start, oriented to validation phase startup, and ACE Growth, to growth phase companies.

Our Program

BASF, Latin America's agricultural research and development investment leader, joined ACE, awarded as The Best Startup Accelerator by LatAm Founders, to offer you more innovation at the Agribusiness.

AgroStart is a program that will accelerate and promote startups which develop solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity at the Agri segment. Not only by financial investments but also through high quality mentoring.

We know Latin America is an countless opportunities scenario at technology area and one of the biggest markets in Agriculture. Therefore, we want encourage the entrepreneurship and connect the lea even more, through integrated information and intelligent connection, to create solutions that may help the farmer realizing the biggest job on earth.

What do we seek?

Precision Agriculture

Systems, products and services that help at process optimization inside the fence, contributing to improve the areas performances, get more accuracy related to climatic factors, input and resources uses, besides reducing crop losses.


Solutions that reduces human interaction numbers at lea, reducing necessity of handling and manual laboring at the crop áreas or animal production.

Continuous reposition

Integrated manegement systems between all agents of Agricultural Productive Chain, reducing input stock needs by the farmers.

Crop Management

Data collection system (big data) bringing insights to decision making in all stages: planning, input purchasing, input using, harvesting, stocking and crop sales.


Systems that allow the complete and automatic product tracking, through all the productive chain (from the ground preparation to supermarket shelve), besides georeferencing solutions that allow complete traceability of planted área.

Program Stages:

  • Application

    By clicking on Sign Up you'll be directed to Fundacity, a platform which we evaluate all startups. Remember to provide as much information as possible on your signing up direct and honestly. This will be your first contact with us.

  • Enterview

    As passing the initial screening, you go to enterviews stage. This talk aims to better evaluate the team and your startup business, it will be leading by ACE's recruitment team of AgroStart.

  • Pitch

    Now it's show time!
    You'll be invited to present your startup to our selection committee, formed by the BASF executives, the ACE team, investors and other guests.

  • Start

    If you get until here, CONGRATULATIONS!
    We'll offer a proposition to be partners and accelerate your business.
    Get prepared to raise and contribute to Agriculture, the biggest job on earth. Welcome!


Once selected, your startup enter a 10 months acceleration program, that will cover several stages of development, since solution positioning and operation effectiveness, yet the selling aspects and financial projections

After validating growth strategy, we will define the bests tools your startup will work with, along with an implementation plan, which will have mentoring and ACE's network follow up, covering partnership with recognized mentors at the market, during all period

Up to R$ 150 thousand investment rightly on your startup - All to your business focusing;
Consulting and tools to innovation and growth in marketing, selling, planning, business, management, operation, usability and investment.
Working together with ACE, the best accelerator of Latn America,
Exclusive access to national and international investors, besides experience, estructure and BASF costumer base.
Acceleration methodology: training, business and team development, management professionalization and growth.
BASF Commitment: at the end of program, BASF can do one more investment on your startup, such as stabblish partnerships to funding search, purchase or products and servies distribution.
Coaching and mentoring with recognized entrepreneurs and mentors at Agricultural and Startups sector.