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How can I sign up? What stage I fit in? Can I apply more than one idea? Calrify all your doubts here!

What's the program start date and duration?
The AgroStart program start with the others ACE programs, at October first week. The duration of the program will be four to tem months, it depends on the Startup stage.
Where does the acceleration occurs?
"The acceleration is live at ACE HQ, in São Paulo.
We recommend all members participate at least the first month. The presence of at least one of the partners during all period of acceleration is mandatory."
How is the workspace?
It's a co-working space at the core of Paulista Av, with all necessary infrastructure for your startup, besides count on na environment with lots of startups that are already being or have been through the same difficulties you have. The networking and the
My company is from a country other than Brazil. Can I sign up?
Yes. We accept national and international startups!
Will the displacement and housing costs of startups from outside São Paulo be covered?
It won't be covered, but there is an investment at the startup that could be used as "surviving currency" by the entrepreneurs.
How is the investment made?
The investment depends on the stage of your startup. If you are at the growing stage, the investment is up to R$ 150 thousand for 10% or 15% of your company. It is made by stallments during the six months of acceleration, always according to the company success and accomplishment of the KPIs - Key Performance Indicators. In case the startup is still in the validation stage, there is a chance of an advance to cover some expenses during up to 4 months before going to growing stage.
Who is going to be my partner?
BASF and ACE will have the option to become partners of your startup. The investment vehicle is mutually convertible in shares.
What is mutually convertible?
The mutually convertible in shares or quota contract is very used among startups. It defines that the investor will can convert its inicial investment into future shares, receiving back the mutual amount of this investment in case it decides to.
How would be my interaction with BASF during the program?
BASF wants to encourage the entrepreneurship and connect the lea. That's why, as well as the investment, BASF will be following all the program since the pitch to the end of acceleration. Besides that, our executives will be mentors and will stay in contact with you.
Do I have to customize my startup according to BASF strategy?
No. When your startup is selected, our goal is join knowledges and use BASF resources to boost your product at the market, without modifying your initial idea.
For being partners, ACE and BASF take part of my revenue?
No. The objective is making your startup become a giant business, thus, taking part of your revenue would be detrimental, specially at this initial stage.
How can I guarantee you won't copy my project if I won't be chosen?
The World Financial Market is used to sign no contract with startups. We revised hundreds of registrations and there is not possible to sign any document of confidentiality.

You've been a lot of time analyzing and studying your business, you are at the forefront of anyone. Our business is not copying you, but help you. We want to enrich you, this is our motivation.

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