What challenges
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Accelerate ideas.
Foster digital solutions for the field.

This exact moment, thousands of farmers are facing a problem that YOUR idea can help solve.

This is why BASF is calling on brilliant minds just like yours to become part of AgroStart, our platform for the cocreation of agricultural-digital solutions for challenges inside and outside the field.


I’m a startup in the initial stage

Develop with acceleration methodologies and mentorship.


I’m a mature startup

Have access to our market and cocreate business models with BASF.


I'm from BASF or someone engaged in agriculture with an idea

Learn how to propel your projects using agile methodologies.


I’m a company and I want to co-create agricultural solutions

Join forces to leverage digital innovation in the industry.

AgroStart - An invitation from the technology to those who think big

Right now, thousands of farmers are facing a problem in the field that their idea can suddenly help solve. That is why BASF calls on brilliant minds like yours to become part of AgroStart, our platform for co-creating agrodigital solutions for challenges inside and outside the door.

Frequently asked questions

Get to know all that the AgroStart platform can offer you.

What is the AgroStart start date and duration?

You can register your startup at any time through the AgroStart website. The program can last from four to ten months, depending on the stage of the startup.


My company is not from Brazil. Can I apply?

Yes. We accept national and international startups.


Are travel and housing costs covered by AgroStart?

No. However, more mature startups can receive an investment of up to 150 thousand reals (BRL) and part of that amount can be used for this purpose.


How is the investment made in the selected startups?

The investment depends on the stage of your startup. If you are in the maturation phase, the investment can reach up to 150 thousand reals (BRL) for 10% to 15% of your company. It is done in installments during the six months of acceleration, always linked to the company’s success and compliance with KPIs - Key Performance Indicators. If the startup is still in the sowing phase, there is a chance of an advance to cover some of the startup’s expenses for a specific time.


What will be my interaction with BASF during the program?

BASF will monitor the process from the selection of startups to the end of the acceleration. In addition, its executives will be mentors and will be in contact with you.


Do I have to customize my startup according to BASF’s strategy?

No. If your startup is selected, the program’s goal is to bring together knowledge and use BASF resources to boost your product on the market, without changing your initial idea.


As partners, do BASF keep part of my revenue?

No. The goal is to make your startup a scalable business, so keeping some of your revenue would be harmful, especially at this early stage.


How do I guarantee that my project will not be copied if I am not selected?

The global financial market has the practice of not signing any confidentiality document with startups. We have reviewed hundreds of applications and it is not possible to sign any confidentiality documents.


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