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At this time, thousands of farmers in the world are facing different challenges. BASF, a company that through science and technology seeks to create chemistry for a sustainable future for a better quality of life, believes that the digitization of agriculture offers a world of possibilities to facilitate crop management.

Since 2016, BASF has promoted more than 500 startups in the sector in Latin America. Today, its mission continues and that is why we seek agro-digital solutions to face challenges on and off the field.


I’m a startup in the initial stage

Develop with acceleration methodologies and mentorship.


I’m a mature startup

Have access to our market and cocreate business models with BASF.


I'm from BASF or someone engaged in agriculture with an idea

Learn how to propel your projects using agile methodologies.


I’m a company and I want to co-create agricultural solutions

Join forces to leverage digital innovation in the industry.

AgroStart - An invitation from the technology to those who think big

Right now, thousands of farmers are facing a problem in the field that their idea can suddenly help solve. That is why BASF calls on brilliant minds like yours to become part of AgroStart, our platform for co-creating agrodigital solutions for challenges inside and outside the door.

Frequently asked questions

Get to know all that the AgroStart platform can offer you.

When does it start and how long is the AgroStart startup program?

You can register your startup at any time through the AgroStart website. The program can last from four to eight months, depending on your company's maturity stage.


Where do startups accelerate?

If your startup needs to develop, we have partners that support you throughout the acceleration process. Otherwise or at the end of the acceleration, we run a process, at BASF itself, to create business models and access to customers.


My company is not from Brazil. Can I apply?

Yes. We accept national and international startups.


Which countries can I apply to?

AgroStart is a regional program, so if you are a startup that operates or intends to operate in any country in Latin America, this program is also for you.


Are travel and housing costs covered by AgroStart?

No. However, startups can receive an investment from BASF and part of that amount can be used for this purpose.


What will be my interaction with BASF during the program?

BASF will monitor the entire process, from the selection of startups to the end of the acceleration (if necessary). In addition, we provide mentors and a focal point that will accompany the entire journey with you.


Do I have to customize my startup according to BASF's strategy?

No. If your startup is selected, the goal of the program is to bring together knowledge and use BASF resources to boost your product in the market. http://goace.vc/o-que-e-mutuo-conversivel/


What will be the benefits for my startup, if selected?

Expert mentoring, solution validation, internal acceleration to create market access models, support from the AgroStart partner ecosystem and the possibility of investment through BASF Venture Capital are some of the main benefits.


How will BASF handle my project if it’s interested including in its portfolio?

The goal is that at the end of the process, we will have a joint model created to meet real customer needs. Then, after the development process of your startup and / or your project, we will connect you to our employees, through the AgroStart Garage, to create the ideal business models. With this, the solution becomes part of our service portfolio, and we will offer it to farmers through customer access channels, including our points programs.


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