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There has never been a more challenging or exciting time in agriculture. We must transform our food system to provide enough healthy, affordable food for a growing population, while also mitigating its impact on the environment and future generations. At BASF, we recognize that no single organization can solve these challenges alone.

AgroStart by BASF pairs the best ideas – sourced from inside and outside the company – with mentorship, market access and capital to create innovative, digital solutions that serve growers everywhere. Since 2016, we have collaborated with hundreds of start-ups. Join us today to cultivate the future of digital agriculture – together.


I am an early-stage startup interested in mentorship

Develop your company via our unique acceleration program.


I am a later-stage startup interested in growth

Access our market and co-create business solutions with BASF.


I am a BASF employee with a big idea(s)

Turn your idea into reality via our intrepreneurship program.


I am a corporation interested in developing digital agricultural solutions

Join forces with BASF to drive step-change in our food system.

AgroStart – Digital technologies are inviting you to think big!

Problems exist across the agriculture value-chain that digital technologies and data can help address. That is why BASF calls on brilliant minds like yours to join AgroStart, our platform for co-creating innovative, digital solutions that help growers predict and manage uncertainties, as well as increase productivity in a sustainable way.

Frequently asked questions

What the AgroStart platform offers…

When is AgroStart enrollment?

You can register at any time via this website. The program accepts rolling admissions and lasts from weeks to months, depending on your idea and its state of maturity.


Where do AgroStart programs take place?

We offer programming virtually, as well as via a dedicated innovation center located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Are travel costs for in-person AgroStart programs covered by BASF?

Not at this time.


Does it matter where I am located to apply?

No. We invite and accept Agrostart interest from anywhere.


How do I interact with BASF during AgroStart programs?

BASF is involved in the entire process; from enrollment to program end. In addition, we provide dedicated mentors that are part of your whole journey.


Do I have to customize my product or service to BASF's strategy?

No. Our goal is to bring together your unique proposition with BASF resources to create new value together.


What are the primary benefits of AgroStart?

The primary benefits are access to our pool of experts, broad customer-base and state-of-the-art testing facilities to advance and validate your solutions. BASF also injects capital in some cases to catalyze exploration and/or via direct investment from BASF Venture Capital.


What does partnership with BASF look like after AgroStart?

We hope that after working with AgroStart there is a clear reason for you to continue working with BASF, be it via partnership agreement, solution co-creation or something similar which addresses customer needs across the agriculture value-chain.


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